About Us

What if we tell you that meeting Santa doesn’t have to be the highlight of your trip? Even though it’s something you should definitely brag about! Maybe the highlight of your trip was that one moment where time stood still. That one time you were spoiled by hospitality, feeling of home, and that carrot cake that will “haunt you” long after you return home.


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The Letter

Dear Customer,
This is my way of saying thank you! To you with whom I had the time to exchange only a handful of smiles in the midst of a busy season and to you with whom I had the time to sit down and feel that instant connection only true cake lovers do. I appreciate you! You make our community that much more special! If you have yet to put down your backpack on our floors, I hope your passport is buried somewhere deep. Because some places that you have never visited can feel like an adventure and home all at once.

When people think of the word “loft”, they think of bricks and beams. For me, the word Loft stands for desires and dreams. Rising from an aspiration to create a place that serves magic with a splash of coffee, Loft was born. Once I was handed the keys, I circled around the place and waited for it to paint the picture it wanted to portray. The truth is, I didn’t renovate Loft, Loft revealed itself to me. Whether you need to warm your hands for a quick, you are meeting a long lost friend or healing a broken heart with true comfort food, there’s a spot for you.

See you soon!

With appreciation,
Päivi Yazaoui, owner of Loft Cafe

Päivi Yazaoui