Loft Cocktail Lounge

Feeling festive?
Santa won’t mind

Christmas season might be a bit too much sometimes – and that’s why we opened our lounge, a cocktail bar, where you can enjoy Santa’s Office away from the hassle.

Loft Cocktail Lounge


Select from our House cocktails, request a classic or pick a bottle from our shelf and we’ll mix you a drink or two. If the word “cocktail” feels too exciting, don’t worry – we also serve wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks, hot and cold. Have you tried glögi already? Now it’s your chance!


Our wine selection is small but mighty – we carefully chose two reds, two whites and something sparkling and bubbly. For non-alcoholic option we actually have something very cool made of local berries!


Bar snack is a thing, and while peanuts are not exactly a locally sourced supply here in Lapland, our food pairings are something very Finnish. Choose sweet or savoury snack – or get them all, Santa won’t mind.


We are located in the heart of Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle. Actually there are quite few cocktail bars this far up North, so why not step in and taste some Finnish flavours? Also, if you haven’t been lucky enough to see the Northern Lights yet, we offer a remedy for that, as one of our walls is beautifully painted and providing us Auroras every day.


Christmas spirit gets a whole new meaning at us while browsing our selection of international classics and Finnish quality products. We dare you to try our favourites, maybe you will taste something you’ll never forget!

House Cocktails
Classic Cocktails
Hot glögi & glühwein
Long drink
Non-alcoholic and low abv-cocktails and drinks
Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Latte
Hot chocolate

Is your hot drink missing some Christmas spirit?
Ask for recommendations

Our cozy tower loft has seen a lot – formerly it has been serving as a souvenir shop and a virtual reality room. This autumn we decided it is time to do something Arctic Circle has never seen before, so we transformed our space into a tiny cocktail bar.